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Best Mechanical Keyboard 2021 – Reviews & Buyers Guides

If you landed here after typing the best mechanical keyboard from your old sticky and sometimes unresponsive keyboard, then take a deep breath, relax your fingers and read here about some of the best mechanical keyboards in 2021.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a typist, a programmer, a gamer or otherwise use a computer for any reasonable amount of time. A mechanical keyboard can help you a lot in different ways.

However, don’t confuse yourself with the best gaming keyboard and the best mechanical keyboard. After all, they are two names of the same product.

People concerned about style and glamour go for the mechanical keyboards in the first place, thanks to the fact, the best mechanical keyboard strikes a nice balance between professionalism and luxurious peripheral.

Indeed, the best mechanical keyboards are mostly for gaming purposes, but they also outclass rubber dome keyboards when compared for professional typing. However, this guide includes the top ten best mechanical keyboards that are both gaming-specific and typing specific.

What is a Mechanical Keyboard

Honestly, Mechanical keyboard works and feels way better than rubber dome/membrane, butterfly or scissor-switch keyboard. Haven’t tried one yet? Pick up one of the best Mechanical keyboards from our closely reviewed list below.

A mechanical keyboard is mostly built with high-quality key switches (depends on brand) which are normally spring-activated. These key switches come in many varieties from different brands depending upon the user’s preference.

The Mechanical keyboard works on a very simple principle. Consisting of physical, actual spring-loaded switches under each key to determine when someone has pressed in a key. These switches are more durable, easier to repair, more customizable and in some cases more comfortable than a membrane, scissor, or butterfly keyboards.

On the other hand, a membrane or rubber dome keyboard works when a thin membrane under keycap, presses on a membrane layer (also called circuit layer having a conductive circuit underneath) that registers the key pressed.

Mechanical boards are built to last longer while carrying each switch for millions of presses. No matter how you use it, a good mechanical keyboard can serve many years.

Choosing a Best Mechanical Keyboard

Maybe most of you have a rough idea regarding what kind of mechanical keyboard you are looking for.

Even so, it’s not just about picking some random keyboard for typing, gaming or whatever task you do by keyboard. It’s about more effective typing, precise gaming and a delicate feel to the fingers that come with every touch to the keys, all with style.

The choice of best gaming keyboard or top mechanical keyboard depends on your desk space, gaming/typing style and most importantly your budget. If you have a little amount to invest then don’t worry, we have chosen a budget pick for you, that’s a decent keyboard in this budget.

However, if you are willing to spend some extra bucks, you can get a perfect input device for the ultimate gaming and typing experience. All along with peace of mind, that it will last for years and years to come.

So without any delay check out our list of top 10 best mechanical and gaming keyboards.

Comparison between top 10 Best Mechanical Keyboards


  • Weight: 2.38 pounds
  • Color: Black RED LED Backlit
  • Type: Gaming Keyboard
  • Dimensions:16.5"x 4.3"x 1.4"
Check Price

  • Weight: 3.05 pounds
  • Type: Wired Gaming Keyboard
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions :17.1x 4.9x 1.6 inches
Check Price

  • Weight: 2.76 pounds
  • Style: Corsair Recommends
  • Color: RGB
  • Dimensions : 17.2x6.5 x1.5 inches
Check Price

  • Weight: 3.8 pounds
  • Dimensions:
    19x8.8x 2.8 inches
  • Color: Blue Switch
  • Type: Gaming Set

Check Price

  • Weight: 3.3 pounds
  • Color: Blue Switch
  • Dimensions: 17.1x5.5x1.2 inches
Check Price

  • Weight: 2.1 Pound
  • Dimensions: 17.6x7.3x1.4 inches
  • Type: Rainbow LED
Check Price

  • Weight: 2.05 ounces
  • Color: Cherry MX Red
  • Dimensions: 13.3 x 6.1 x 2 inches
Check Price

  • Weight: 2.07 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 14.5x7.6x1.6 inches
Check Price

  • Weight: 1.76 Pound
  • Color: Blue Switches
  • Dimensions: 18x6.9x1.9 inches
Check Price

  • Weight: 2.62 ounces
  • Color:Blue Switch
  • Dimensions: 17.7’x7.3x1.8 inches
Check Price


1. Redragon K551 Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Clicky Cherry

This is one of the most rated products because it is manufactured by one of the most popular gaming manufacturing brand. This manufacturer behind the wireless mechanical keyboard  is the leading brand, Redragon which is manufacturing peripheral devices for gaming and other purposes.

This gaming computer contains 104 keys including the controllers that help you to access different functions quickly and easily. Not only this, but it also contains some customize switches that help you to set your favorite functions into the controlling buttons. This keyboard uses advanced technology and this basic board of this keyboard is very fast which makes it amazing for gaming and developing.

Besides all these features, this Logitech mechanical keyboard also contains a dust-proof and modern design that makes it easy to undergo maintenance. Most of the common keyboards get expired or slow because their buttons are stuck through the dust but this keyboard is dust-proof and can be used for a long period without any hesitation. Here is the list of features that it gives to the user and the reason why it becomes a success and popular.


Numerous features make this keyboard one of the best as well as efficient. The first most amazing feature is that its design is very amazing. Besides the dust-proof design, the look of the keyboard is also very amazing because the basic theme of this keyboard is a single red LED.

The LED is fixed at the back-end and only the brightness of the light is visible. Not only this, but this mechanical keyboard also features 19 amazing back-light modes hence making the surrounding lights amazing. The keyboard also features the 2 customized user-designed gaming modes in which you can set the gaming controls on the keyboard.

It is compatible with all of the USB supported PCs and laptops along with the Window 10, Window 8, Window 7 and all other similar windows. Here is the list of some of the basic functions of this amazing mechanical keyboard:


The basic function of this razor mechanical keyboard is the gaming. As we have discussed before that it contains 104 mechanical buttons so the buttons function according to the Anti-Ghosting gaming keyboard that doesn’t lag while playing the game. Moreover, dust-free design makes it better for gaming because it further gives high performance while gaming or doing other tasks.

For the multimedia field, this mechanical keyboard becomes amazing because it contains 12 different media-controlling buttons that help you to access the control easily and quickly like you can control the sound of the music without access to the computer. You just need to control the button which is placed on the keyboard. Here is the list of the pros and cons of this amazing keyboard for your consideration:

  • This keyboard support heavy games or developing tools.
  • The keyboard contains different modes of brightness.
  • 2 modes of customize gaming setting.
  • RED light inside the buttons.
  • Mechanical keyboard switches.
  • Dust-Free design.
  • It doesn’t have RGB lights .
  • The buttons make noise.


2. Redragon K556 RGB LED Aluminum Base Backlit Wired Mechanical  Keyboard

This keyboard is also manufactured by the famous brand Redragon who is the manufacturer of famous gaming keyboards and other similar electronic devices. This keyboard is the updated version of the previous keyboard and hence various new features are added for making the gaming experience more amazing. This best mechanical keyboard also contains 104 standard keys that are high performing and work without any lagging. The keys carry a design according to a modern standard and work very softly.

This keyboard is perfect for gaming as well as for office use. If you are a programmer or developer then this keyboard is amazing for you because this is lagging-free. Besides this, it increases the speed hence making your typing more efficient than before. One of the amazing facts about this keyboard is that it contains the Aluminum base that helps you to get a strong and maintenance-free base. Here are the features of this amazing mechanical keyboard for your consideration:


There are a lot of features that make this keyboard amongst the top keyboards. The first one is that it contains a versatile and modern standardized design that is dust-free. The dust-free design of this keyboard avoids any stuck while playing the game or performing any other task. This mechanical keyboard contains 6 backlights that make the design more amazing because the LED lights are placed at the back of the keys. Only the brightness of the LEDs is visible but the lights cannot be seen. Not only this, but it also contains 18 backlit modes. Moreover, the keyboard also features the 9-color back-light mode.

The material used in this mechanical keyboard is completely metal that is of high quality. This makes the keyboard more durable and hence you can use it for a long period. The texture of the keyboard also supports gaming because it is up to the standard of pro-gaming keyboards. Following are the functions of this keyboard:


The basic function of this keyboard is gaming and development but you can still use it for other tasks. It contains some custom functional buttons that can be used to set the functions according to your desire. Like you can set the controllers in the gaming and once you click the button on the keyboard then you can access the function of that button.

The company also provides 8 extra buttons to replace any faulty button. You can change the button yourself with the help of keycap puller. The keyboard is functional and compatible with all the official windows as well as MAC. It doesn’t require any driver to install or any other software to run. Here are the pros and cons of this mechanical keyboard:

  • Supports high performance in gaming and development.
  • It doesn’t require any maintenance.
  • 18 Backlit modes, 9-color single-mode, 6 themes of different lights.
  • Compatible with all the PCs and MAC.
  • It is quite expensive.


3. Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 RAPIDFIRE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This is another best mechanical keyboard that is providing amazing performance and also features some of the amazing features for their users. This keyboard, first of all, contains the Aluminum frame that provides a strong base and the aluminum used in the manufacturing is also of high quality for maintaining the standard. It doesn’t need any external software or any specific drivers because all of the drivers are built-in installed and the keyboard is ready to use. This keyboard is best for gaming as well as for development because it doesn’t have any lagging while gaming or performing any heavy tasks.

This amazing keyboard contains built-in memory that makes this keyboard to work very fast as compare to other normal keyboards. Talking about the design of this keyboard then we can see that the design is up to the standard as well as according to the modern requirements. The design makes the users feel easy to complete their requirements. However, the following are some of the key features of this mechanical keyboard.


There are lots of features that make this keyboard best for use. The most amazing feature is the high performance as it contains a built-in memory of 8MB that makes the efficiency of the keyboard. The buttons of the keyboard contains RGB back-lighting that makes the amazing scenario of working. Moreover, the lights are fixed behind the buttons and it is not visible. The brightness of the light appears between the gap and this enhances the look of the keyboard especially for the gamer.

This keyboard is connectable with the USB Port which means that the keyboard is compatible with all the PCs that contain the USB ports. The keyboard supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and all previous Windows versions. Some of the functions of this mechanical keyboard are as following.


The basic and prominent function for this corsair mechanical keyboard is gaming. This is because gaming requires interruption-free as well as high-speed keyboard which is featured in this keyboard. It’s a dynamic lightning keyboard with control and customizing functioning. You can store three different profiles at the same time. However, the external buttons on the keyboard helps you to access different custom functions quickly as well as easily.

  • Contains lightening effects upon the buttons.
  • High performance and speed.
  • Supports USB port.
  • It doesn’t contain the dust-free design.
  • It needs maintenance.


4. BestOff MK15 Blue Switch Mechanical Keyboard, Resistant Gaming Keyboard with Ergonomic holder

The BestOff’s mechanical keyboard is one of the most rated keyboards and the reason behind this is the features that are being provided through this keyboard. It is a comfortable keyboard that supports the wrist also. The keyboard is best for a long time of gaming session because it provides more comfort to the gamer and through this; you cannot feel tired while clicking the buttons of the key. This is done through the softness of the key as they dont  due to modern design.

The look of the keyboard is amazing as it contains 14 different colors of LED back-lights that are hidden behind the buttons. The light comes out of the gap between the buttons and this enhances the look as well as the surrounding of the gaming keyboard. Moreover, the colors automatically changes and the speed along with the theme of the color can be customized by the user. Here are some of the top features of this keyboard for your consideration:


The common features of this best mechanical keyboard are that it contains an amazing look that supports the gaming as well as a long time working. The keyboard contains 108 standard keys that users use commonly. The anti-ghosting feature of this keyboard helps you to use various buttons at the same time to increase the speed of the gaming response. Moreover, the buttons are very soft to press which makes easy to play quick games. The manufacturers have used high-quality material and the basic material is metal. Some of the functions of this amazing keyboard are as follows:


The basic function of this gaming keyboard is to make gaming easy and comfortable. The keyboard supports the softness in clicking as well as it provides a comfortable and relax look to the user with a different color of LED lights. It’s a shock-free keyboard that marks the safety of the user as well it is also wear-resistant. The efficiency of the keystroke of this keyboard is also extra amazing because the height is very less as compare to others. Here are some of the pros and cons of this keyboard:

  • The keyboard contains standard 108 keys.
  • The keys are very soft to press.
  • Shock-free and wear-resistant.
  • It doesn’t come with the extra keys of controlling.
  • The keys aren’t replaceable.


5. Redragon K570 PARTRYUSA RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

This is another best mechanical keyboard which is manufactured by the famous electronic brand, Redragon. This keyboard is famous because it contains a lot of specific features that are essential for gamer or developers. The keyboard is amazing in the performance and this is the reason why people have reviewed it positively. The product is amongst the top mechanical keyboards.

The key facts about this keyboard are that it contains the feature of anti-ghosting whereas it also contains the standard 104 keys for its users. It’s a modern technology designed keyboard that contains a fast processor board and the speed of the keyboard for gaming is also very amazing. However, some of the features of this keyboard are below.


There are various features of this amazing keyboard amongst which the most amazing one is that it contains anti-ghosting technology that helps you to press numerous buttons simultaneously and in this way, the speed of the gaming increase. This means that you can play the fast game with this keyboard without any interruption. The keyboard also contains the ABS keycaps design that is the advance design of the keyboard. The durability of the keyboard is also very amazing as it is undergoes through the test by pressing the button 50 million times.

One of the most amazing features of this keyboard is that it contains some custom buttons that can be used to set the instruction according to your desires. These can help you to access the action quickly and directly without any interference with the computer.


The basic function of the keyboard is to make gaming more quick and easy. This keyboard helps you to feel less tired during a long session of playing. This happens because of the softness in pressing the buttons of the keyboards. Here are some of the pros and cons of this keyboard:

  • Anti-ghosting feature.
  • RGB backlights.
  • Custom buttons supported
  • It doesn’t contain any dust-free design.
  • Requires maintenance.



6. WisFox Colorful Rainbow LED Backlit Wired Computer Mechanical Keyboard with 104 Keys

This is also a mechanical keyboard that supports the gaming as well as other similar heavy tasks easily. The most important fact about this keyboard is that it provides an amazing gaming experience because of the RGB lights between the buttons of the keyboard. The keyboard is also famous because it contains the softness while pressing the buttons. The panel of the keyboard is made high quality of metal that makes it amazing for the use of a long session of gaming.


The most prominent feature of this amazing mechanical keyboard is that it contains an anti-ghosting feature that helps you to press various buttons at the same time and this fact helps the programmers and gamers speed up their tasks. However, one of another feature of this keyboard is that it contains multimedia buttons that can help you in accessing the actions quickly and easily.


There are numerous functions including the usage of the keyboard in gaming, development as well as programming. The keyboard is very easy to operate whereas it also needs no installation for drivers or any external software. Instead, it just needs to plug in and start performing. Here are some of the pros and cons of this keyboard:

  • Anti-ghosting feature.
  • RGB lightening.
  • Easy to operate and needs no software.
  • It needs maintenance because of no dust-free design.


7. Ducky One 2 Mini Mechanical Keyboard RGB LED 60% TKL Double Shot PBT Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This is also a mechanical keyboard but it is different from the above keyboards. The first differential thing is that it is a mini keyboard and it is also different from the standard size. It is 60% minimize edition to the standard size whereas p3ople can use it as a portable keyboard. The material used in this keyboard is of high quality hence making the keyboard for term usage. The keyboard is also very comfortable as people use it for gaming and development. The design is also up to the standard which makes it best for normal usage.


The basic feature of this keyboard includes the RGB lighting making it amazing for gaming. This low profile mechanical keyboard also contains 10 different modes of lightning along with the animation effects with variation in speed and colors. It is workable using the USB wiring that is common to the majority of the computers while it supports all versions of windows and MAC OS.


The basic function of the keyboard is to perform high performances for the gamers and programmers. The comfortable level of this keyboard helps you to get the softness in the pressing of the buttons. This keyboard is versatile and has a unique design. Here are some of the pros and cons of this keyboard:

  • It is mini-keyboard.
  • Versatile, durable as well as high performance.
  • RGB lightening.
  • It doesn’t support extra buttons for media-controlling.
  • Also doesn’t support the anti-ghosting.


8. STOGA Mechanical Keyboard, Anti Ghosting USB 2.0 Wired Retro Computer Gaming Keyboard

People love this keyboard specifically because it contains a ton of explicit features that is basic for gamers or designers. The console is astounding in the presentation and this is the motivation behind why individuals have checked on it decidedly. The item is among the top of the line mechanical consoles.


There are different highlights of this astonishing console among which the most stunning one is that it contains hostile to ghosting innovation that causes you to press various fastens all the while and right now, speed of the gaming increment. This implies you can play the quick game with this console with no interference. The console additionally contains the ABS keycaps plan that is the propell structure of the console.


The fundamental capacity of the console is to make gaming all the more snappy and simple. This console causes you to feel less drained during a long meeting of playing. This happens on account of the non-abrasiveness in squeezing the catches of the consoles. Here are a portion of the upsides and downsides of this console:

  • Anti-ghosting highlight.
  • RGB back lightening.
  • Custom controlling buttons.
  • It doesn’t contain any dust-free plan.
  • Requires maintenance.


9. E-YOOSO K600 LED Backlit Wired Mechanical Keyboard with Blue Switches for Windows PC

This is additionally a mechanical console that underpins the gaming just as other comparable overwhelming assignments no problem at all. The most significant reality about this console is that it gives an astonishing gaming experience due to the RGB lights between the catches of the console. The console is additionally celebrated because it contains the non-abrasiveness while squeezing the catches. The board of the console is made the high caliber of metal that makes it astounding for the utilization for long meetings of gaming.


The most unmistakable highlights of this stunning mechanical console is that it contains an anti-ghosting feature that causes you to press different catches at an equivalent time and this reality helps the software engineers and gamers to accelerate their errands. Notwithstanding, one or another element of this console is that it contains sight and sound fastens that can help you in getting to the activities rapidly and no problem at all.


Various capacities are remembering the utilization of the console for gaming, improvement just as programming. The console is anything but difficult to work through it additionally needs no establishment for drivers or any outside programming. Rather it simply needs to connect and begin performing. Here are a portion of the advantages and disadvantages of this console:

  • Anti-ghosting highlight.
  • RGB helping.
  • Easy to work and needs no product.
  • It needs support as a result of no residue-free structure



10. Redragon K580 VATA RGB LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Macro Keys

This is one of the most appraised items since it is produced by one of the most well-known gaming fabricating brand. This best mechanical console is fabricated by the main brand, Redragon who is producing fringe gadgets for gaming and different purposes.

This gaming PC contains 104 keys including the controllers that help you to get to various capacities rapidly and no problem at all. Not just this, it likewise contains some redo changes that cause you to set your preferred capacities into the controlling catches. This console utilizes cutting edge innovation and this essential leading body of this console is exceptionally quick which makes it astonishing for gaming and creating.


Various highlights make this console truly outstanding just as productive. The main most astonishing element is that its structure is exceptionally astounding. Next to the residue confirmation structure, the vibe of the console is additionally exceptionally astounding because the essential topic of this console is a single red LED. The LED is fixed at back-end and just the splendor of light is unmistakable.


The essential capacity of this console is the gaming. As we have talked about before that it contains 104 mechanical fastens so the catches capacities as indicated by the Anti-Ghosting gaming console that doesn’t slack while playing the game. Besides, the residue-free plan improves it for gaming since it further gives elite while gaming or doing different errands. Here is the rundown of upsides and downsides of this stunning console for your thought:

  • The keyboards contain various methods of splendor.
  • RGB light inside the Buttons.
  • Dust-Free plan.
  • It doesn’t contain any multimedia controlling buttons.
  • The catches make a commotion.



How loud are mechanical keyboards?

Mechanical keyboards have been reviewed and tested regarding how loud they are. As it turns out, mechanical keyboards are undoubtedly louder than membrane keyboards so one should be careful about choosing the perfect keyboard while keeping their environment and people in the surrounding under consideration.

What is the difference between Cherry mechanical switches?

Most of the mass-market mechanical keyboards possess switches from the Cherry MX key switch line, by ZF Electronics (formerly Cherry Corporation). Different types of feedback (audio and tactile) can be given by various switches. They need different amounts of force for key stimulation. Before choosing a perfect keyboard for yourself, make sure that you know your switch preference.

Are mechanical keyboards good for typing?

As compared to the average keyboards, mechanical keyboards require you to put less strain on your joints and fingers as they only require halfway pressing of the buttons instead of bottoming out the keys.

Do mechanical keyboards last longer?

Cherry MX mechanical switches can last up to 50 million key presses and further up to 10 to 15 years maximum. Companies like Logitech, Kaihua, and Razer have mechanical switches that last up to more than 80 million key presses.



Before going to buy the mechanical keyboard, remember that you should consider your requirements first. You should see that whether you need RGB lighting or soft keystrokes. Moreover, you need to see whether you need a standard keyboard or you need the keyboard that contains the multimedia control buttons. Some of the white mechanical keyboards are not perfect for other tasks so you need to see whether the keyboard you are going to buy fulfills your requirements or not.


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